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Since 1985 I have been Apple-fan and have followed Apple, starting with system 6 on my first MacSE and than the first “carry-able” Apple computer and more or less every new model ever since. I have carried out Mac-support, PC-support, design of home pages, programming and graphic & photographic work on the Mac’en as well as video-editing. And of course I have to have always the newest gadgets from Apple: MacBook Pro, iPhone version 1, version 3G, version 4, version 5, iPad, iPad Mini and as a sport: always only days after launch. There are 2 Apple Stores in Hamburg and now one in Malmø on the other side of the bridge…

And now I got my iPhone 6+ and my Apple Watch 42mm Stainless with Milanese wrist strap!!!

I intend to write more about “Apple & I” later (as I have removed all the commercial informations now, since I have discontinued my consulting and support activities as of october 2013)

Meanwhile have some fun with Apple:


This is my good old MacCube - which has worked as a silent Web-Server for years - but now he is retired too...
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